Tips to Increase Domain Authority

A Detailed Article about Domain Authority – Tips to Increase Website/Blog’s Domain Authority – How to Check DA :-
Recently I contacted an Advertiser to request a review , I was confident about Approval because My Blog is having Page Rank 3 . But that’s a myth that Page Rank helps to get advertisers . I got rejected due to low Domain Authority of my domain . That Term wasn’t new for me but I never cared about it . But Now I have started to take it seriously . I read a lot of articles about Domain authority in past months And even applied the methods on my blogs  . So I thought to create that article to help my readers about the term ” Domain Authority ” .Increase Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority ?

As name indicate domain authority is an rating of a website like Page Rank And Alexa Rank . It is short termed as DA . From now I concentrate on Domain Authority because it depends upon Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank  And Backlinks to your website . In simple words if you are having high Domain Authority , it means you are having Good Alexa And Page Rank & Backlinks too .

According to seoMoz, authority numbers are high level metrics that attempt to answer the question “How strong are this page’s/site’s links in terms of helping them rank for queries in”

SeoMoz also gives a criteria of ranking. They Says ” Getting Domain Authority between 20-40 is easy but to have Domain Authority between 60-80 , You need a lot of Back Links , Time And Potential  . ”

Factors Involved in Domain Authority Calculation

Now the question arises ” How Domain Authority is calculated ? ” or ” On Which Factors Domain Authority Depends ? ” . Actually there are more then 100 Factors which determines DA of any website . But we will discuss only main factors that are helpful to raise DA of your Blog / Website .

Domain Age And Domain Popularity

As Blogging is becoming first choice of youths to earn online , a lot of domains are being created day by day and several are getting died too . DA tells that how much trust worthy your website/blog is . Domain age matters a lot to have higher Domain Authority . Actually that’s the reason my blog is having less Domain Authority because its just 4 Months old and active since 3 Months .
Domain Popularity may be a new term to you . It is the comparison of outbound Links ( OBL ) to inbound links . Inbound links are the back links pointing to your domain . While making back link you must see the quality of website .
For Example : One Back Link from PR 1 Blog is better then 20 Back links From PR 0 Blog .

Another factor is content . If your website is having a lot of content indexed by Search Engines then your DA will be great . So writing more content leads to higher DA .

How to Increase Domain Authority ?

As discussed earlier that your website must have more back links , Age and content to get higher Domain Authority .  However domain age is not in your hand but you can write more and more content easily . I think back links are the biggest factor so I should discuss about them .
Back Links :- Back links are the most important factor in blogging success . If you are getting good quality back links then you will see getting a lot of traffic juice from search engines to your website . So just start making back links to increase SEO And Domain Authority of your website . You can make use of our guide to make back links :-

While making back links make sure not to use Porn / G@mbling website to get back links . Try to make as much do-follow links as you can . Make use of Comment Luv and Keyword Luv Blogs to get back link by commenting .

How to Check Domain Authority ?

To check the Domain Authority of any website just Google ” domain authority checker ” . However you can give a try to Moonsy which is the one of best tool to check Domain Authority . However I am using SeoMoz Browser Addon For Firefox For this purpose .

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  1. Ravi says:

    I have searched this topic to Learn about Domain Authority to get a perfect idea and Here I have got it. What is the ideal Domain Authority for a BLog?

  2. Hello dear very nice post, as a newbie i learn a lot from this post . Just keep your work going
    Mohammad ismail recently posted…Basic Images Seo Ranking TipsMy Profile

  3. Hi Narender!

    Thanks for the tips! Very useful post. i think the most important is TIME!!! (domain age)
    Pitt Goumas recently posted…Blushing Face in a Moment of EmbarrassmentMy Profile

  4. my blog scored DA 11 and PA 24 on seoranksmart :) working to get ideal score……
    Devagya Uikey recently posted…How To Setup Free Self-Hosted CDN in WordPressMy Profile

  5. Sriram says:

    This is very new to me (DA). My DA is 17.
    Sriram recently posted…Mark Zuckerberg’s Synapse Media Player: Digging the tech historyMy Profile

  6. Raplus says:

    This is the first post I have read about Domain Authority. My Domain Authority is 29.

  7. Nice article Narender, Normally sites with Domain Authority more than 40 considered to be safe.
    Mohsin Ali recently posted…Jelly Bean is now on 10% of all Android DevicesMy Profile

  8. Thanks, Recently I also came around the concept of this Domain Authority. Now, I am also doing my best to get good domain authority. However, currently, its just 26.
    Saurabh recently posted…How To Create Flexible Adsense Ads For Responsive Websites & Blogs !My Profile

  9. Hi thanks for this information it was help. D.A is very important and hard to get. But with this your tips will give it a try

  10. Kinjal says:

    Even, I am struggling to get DA. Currently, my website DA is 3 which is very low. Thanks for the tips. I shall work hard to get more quality backlinks.

  11. I’ve been looking for a way to explain domain authority to my clients. I think you explained it very well.

  12. Wow, Amazing post man, I really appreciate your content this article has really peaks my interest. all tips is very good & effective, Thanks for sharing.
    Mukesh Mali recently posted…Top 10+ High Page Rank Social Bookmarking SitesMy Profile

  13. I start my blog about 10 months ago and now it’s has low DA
    Thanks for sharing
    This post really help me
    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Tips For Successfully Using Your New iPadMy Profile

  14. I’ve been blogging since a few months, my DA still remains EXTREMELY low… I hope this article helps me to increase my DA… Keep up the good work :)

  15. korede says:

    thanks for this tip,i don’t even know about da until when i want to sell my blog,and the buyer ask for the da.

  16. Atif says:

    So who has introduced this term DA ? and what formula DA checker using to calculate DA ?

  17. Shubh says:

    I think 95% SEO depends on backlinks. am i right ?

  18. I just started my new tech blog a few months back and this article really serves the purpose of educating me in improving my site’s DA. Most webmasters only focusing on PR, seems like DA is also equally important. Thanks for sharing.
    Nicholas @ TechSheer recently posted…Will Phablets Become The Next Mobile Devices Tech Trend?My Profile

  19. Hi Narender Chopra,

    That is the post which sim to good. While searching on net I came across it. I have recent hosted domain on WordPress. It’s having 2.5 months only, I want to increate my DA. This post will definitely help me on same. Apart from it, I knew that how to Increase Domain Authority ?. and some rules which definately have to care to get approval from Google Absence. I am hopping from you such more.

  20. if domian name is popular then more traffic will involve and people will follow that blog , the older blogs are much pouplar because of their advance posting
    Rauf Arshad recently posted…Delhi Daredevils IPL 2013 Players List | Team SquadMy Profile

  21. Domain Authority is a measurement of how many cat photos are on a given website :P

  22. My DA is 29. I think it’s good for a start right? But still i’m not satisfied since my main focus keywords don not sit on the 1st page on google.
    For example, my of one article has DA 29, PA 33, my position on SERP is 11th.
    On the other hand, my competitor on 1st on SERP has DA 27, PA 24.
    How could it be? I’m confuse. Because mine is better (PA and DA) than my biggest competitor.

  23. Sid says:

    Hi Chopra. I’m extremely happy to be having a DA of 23 as it’s a fresh blog. Can you tell me how often it updates? Thanks for this informative post.

  24. Thanks for sharing this very informative article on DA. I have checked mine and its 22

  25. Oscar says:

    Domain authority, really need to work on mine. Thanks for this lovely piece of information.

  26. rafi says:

    Thanks for this post as i was looking for increasing domain authority.

  27. I believe one of the most important things to keep in mind at all times is to develop websites for people rather than the search engines.

  28. Naaz says:

    I have DA just 1. Thanks for the tips… but if i build more links google will penalize it?

  29. Nikhil says:

    Hello Narender,
    DA contents lots of factor, you told that one factor backlinks, when you are doing backlinks you must care about search engine because now days rules are very strict. When you done lots of backlinks then you banned in search engine.
    In DA one of the major factor is Domain age and it’s expiry. This article really help..

  30. really very nice post i just want to know what is Domain Authority i have 16/100 so how much i need …?

  31. Great way to increase domain authority. I’m using your tips and i guess there will be a significant improvement coming by. Thanks for the article.

  32. great tips narendra,
    yes DA is becoming one of the most searched phrase on google and i think it affects our SEO. people look for da and pa before buying a website so this is something of much importance. great tips you have shared here
    prabhat recently posted…Top Best Web Sites to Download Free Music (English, Hindi mp3 Songs)My Profile

  33. nice article. I was just checking my DA when I found your post. So how do I get more back links?
    Ed Neuhaus recently posted…Biggest house in Austin TexasMy Profile

  34. I’ve been blogging over a year and really want to attract advertisers to my blog now. Great tips in this article thank you:)
    City Girl At Heart recently posted…Favourite Social Media ChannelMy Profile

  35. Yups. Domain Age is imp factor. Thanx for sharing nice tips for beginners…. :)

  36. Bea says:

    I’ve had similar problems lately, despite having a high PR I am failing to get high quality advertisers because of unsatisfactory DA. I’m targetting at least a DA of 30 now. Thanks for the tips!
    Bea recently posted…Comment on How to Deal with a Cheating Partner: Phase 3 by Wendell A. BrownMy Profile

  37. Lester says:

    Is there a plugin for Chrome? I’ve stopped using Firefox a while ago

  38. DA of 94 is because of the and not because of the choosen name before blogspot :)

    My site is 8 months old and already DA 37 is that good? It is only pr0 i want to increase DA by getting more content to my site. Is that the right way?

  39. To Increase Domain Authority, time is king for domain. Older domain name will always achieve high domain authority. Thanks.
    Avnish Gautam recently posted…Domain Authority Check – How to Improve DA Rank ?My Profile

  40. Is there a difference between backlinks gained by comment and by writing a guest post on a good ranked website. How much backlinks will be enough to gain a good amount of visitors?
    Dhirendra Yadav recently posted…Bootable pen drive: portable device to boot your computerMy Profile

    • Narender Chopra says:

      Off course there is a very big difference between guest post and comments links. If they will have similar value then why people will write a big quality article instead of a 20-30 words comments. Simply we get a nofollow attributed link via Commenting and a dofollow link via Guest Posting. No matter how much backlinks you are creating, if they are quality links and looks natural then their is no problem.
      P.S : No. of visitors doesn’t depends upon backlinks.

      • Ok! then what is main thing that affects the visitors flow. please tell me, because till now i thought that it is the back links that increases your Google rank and hence your visitors.

        • Narender Chopra says:

          No doubt that back links will increase your website’s visibility in Google Search and you will get much visitors. But don’t be crazy behind backlinks. Write as much quality content as much as you can. In starting don’t concentrate on backlinks. It may look unnatural to Google.

  41. Helo Chopra i spent 5 hours reading most your posts they so good! I agree with you on all it is how i think. So i have my domain that is 4month old i have 1 bbacklink from a good blog. Now my DA was 1 i went and indexed the Tags so that gave me 150 urls instead 54 which are my posts and pages. As soon i index the tags i got DA 12 in 2 nights seems google likes. Ore links too. I will write a post of my research and l let u know. How ever love your posts our site is getting new theme looks a little disorganizes now :(

  42. Thanks dude it was quite informative.When i chceked my site on Seo moz i came to know that my domain authority is low.At that instant i typed google for help and i was directed to the right place. Thanks buddy . Looking forward for more great posts from you.
    Nithin Upendran recently posted…Nvidia GTX 770 and GTX 680:Graphic Card Reviews and ComparisionMy Profile

  43. Chetan Bhasin says:

    Great guide Narender. Even I didn’t notice the importance of DA initially but later I discovered that every guest blogger and advertiser were interested in DA instead of PR.
    Thanks for the tips, I’ll make sure I implement them on my blog.
    Chetan Bhasin recently posted…4 Free WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your BlogMy Profile

  44. MobiFox says:

    That’s great read about domain authority. Thanks for it. I have DA 23 and I been advised to make it 45 and I tried to give some project to create back linking to site. I dont have blog on my ecommerce site but I am thinking to create one and try to buy article regarding my industry. do you recon is a good thing to do ?

  45. Jay says:

    Always good to get insight on Domain Authority. While my site is fairly old, more backlinks is a must at this point. Thanks for the article.

  46. This article of your has helped me out a lot since was wondering about major factor to improve domain authority. thanks for this one :)

  47. Thanks for the article i dint knew that there are many factors affecting domain authority i thought that only domain age matters thats why my site has a very low domain authority but thanks to you now i can now see more towards it to improve my sites DA.

  48. That’s a nice compilation about the things related to Domain Authority. I am having an aged domain but need to work high on my backlinks to get over a good number.

  49. Excellent post. and you have shared these are tips it’s very nice .. Every one has left thinking about Page Rank and they are thinking about Domain Authority as this is the new criteria for Google to give rankings.I have seen that domains with good Domain Authority are ranking higher then those domains which have more back links so i must say Domain Authority plays an important role in rankings too.

  50. I am new to blogging and searching about the basic things for a blog and here I got some thing must needed. Domain Authority, this tips help me to understand what is domain authority and how it is being calculated. Thanks for this Post and Tips.

  51. Chetan Chaudhari says:

    Nice article on D0main Authority… i am into fifth month of blogging and have DA of 26 and trying hard to improve it.

  52. Domain authority is one of the hardest things to raise. Best way to achieve a high domain authority quickly is to find a good expired domains with the work already done to achieve this. This was a really good write up! You touched on the best things to do which is quality content, age and GOOD backlinks. Great job!

  53. I started my blog a month ago and already have 10 articles. The domain is 5months old. My problem is that its Domain authority is very low. My blog is related to donation so I am confused how should I start building backlinks. If I start commenting on Tech blogs with the link of my website It wont me good. So you please help me

  54. Hello,

    It was a nice post Just needed to ask few things.
    I have a very old domain 13 year old, and the page rank of the domain is 4. If I dont put on much content just 5-10 post and make backlinks only will the domain authority increase.

    akshat goel recently posted…Counter strike everything explainedMy Profile

  55. Great article on domain authority. FInally I concluded that domain authority and page authority depends on
    (1) No of backlinks
    (2)Quality of backlinks
    (3) Domain Age
    (4) Domain size (indexed pages)
    Can you tell me is it depends on social signals too?
    I mean if social signals of website is high will it get high DA and PA?

  56. Suresh says:

    Great post indeed. I found your site on Google while searching for the ways to increase domain authority. Nicely explained. One should concentrate more on backlinks to get good DA. Thanks for sharing tips.

  57. Blogging Tips says:

    My Blog is 80 days old and has domain authority 29.

  58. Really helpful just helped me to know lots of fact about DA…thanks a lot man.

  59. I heared at some forum that on site seo called domain athoriuty but you post is fullly againgt in your post your are saying off site seo is actually Da but you have personaly doen this job so you may be right

  60. Zac says:

    Thank you for the post. I’ve been trying to increase my DA, and this provides me with some hints on how I can improve it.

  61. John says:

    I’m using the toolbar just now and see you have a DA of 20. It’s hard to increase the DA while a PA seems quite easy.

  62. Vishnu says:

    Thanks was just finding how to check domain authority..

  63. I been watching this thread for a while now, made a comment a long while ago, this is what i been noticing is if you post content regularly and get shares from social media your domain rank bumps right up as soon as google does a algorithm change.

  64. Chandan Sanwal says:

    Searched for how often it updates and got your link. My DA is 32. Thanks to share these info.

  65. Thankyou for sharing this, it will help a lot in focussing and strategizing in correct direction. BTW I am just a new blogger and still learning tricks of the trade.

  66. Maya says:

    Thanks for this very useful post. Domain authority is becoming as important as page rank, if not even more. I am happy with my DA since I have also a 4month old blog. Hope to improve soon with your tips. Thank you!

  67. Thanks for the great information on getting back links to increase domain authority. The only thing that is hard to find is places to actually get the back links and still have them be natural. Can you write a post about places to get back links to a site?

  68. I badly want to increase my DA but I noticed it’s not getting any higher. I need to work harder on it. Thanks for the great information. I need to follow these ideas.

  69. Gaurav says:

    Hello Narender,
    I have read something about DA vs PR . And got a conclusion that DA is more important than PR in recent days. Is it so ?
    And also can your tell me that how frequently DA is updated?
    Thanks :)
    Gaurav recently posted…Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara Total Box Office CollectionMy Profile

  70. Gaurav says:

    Can You Tell me how DA and PR are different and which one should be considered as best in Websites ?

  71. Hi. Great article. Do you have any idea about what the domain authority should be for an ecommerce website? Mine is 26, and my competitors all seem to be at least 38. I’m guessing I may have answered my own question. If I am above 38 than I am above my competitors so I should rank higher in Google search results.

    I’ve been trying to get as many quality backlinks as I can. I was doing very well in Google search results until the May 22nd Google Update. It knocked almost every single one of my keywords to the second page or 3rd page results….My traffic has decreased about 50%. Not sure why, I wasn’t doing anything shady. It seems quality backlinks are my answer to improve domain authority. I know I definitely need more.
    Gary B. recently posted…New pool filter cleaning guidelines from CDC for non-residential poolsMy Profile

  72. Lalith says:

    Nice post and good explanation about Domian authority
    Even I started improving my domain authority
    Imoroving quality backlinks is the key factor for improving DA
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post
    Lalith recently posted…How to Increase Traffic through Social MediaMy Profile

  73. Thanks Mate you really helped me here I will be making sure that I increase my DA, I have been increasing content.. But backlinking not so much.. Where is some good places to get links from?

  74. Hi Narendra,
    Importance of content can’t be ruled out while increasing DA and thanks for providing this wonderful post.

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